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Scripts and more

Where do babies come from? The answers aren't always obvious, especially if the HOVA fertility clinics are involved.

A thriller written whilst learning from the master Jed Mercurio on his course on BBC Maestro!

baby trail excerpt.png

The Feud of Podderington St James 

Ali Golightly lives in a beautiful Devonshire seaside resort, and she hates it.

At 15, all she wants is to travel the world with her heavy metal band and leave all her troubles behind. But that's not what's going to happen...

The Slugs of Doom

When Charlie Skiddle is sent away to school, disaster strikes his home, the Isle of Doom, a government scientific research centre. Only the giant slugs survive. 

Orphaned Charlie finds himself becoming a spy, under the guise of working as a gardener.  With the world against him, he turns to the slugs for help!

Giant slugs in a garden

Food for Thought

A film based very loosely on a project I created and ran, with partners in schools across Europe.

In addition I compiled a recipe book including  Italian, Spanish, Turkish and British recipes are combined with memories and photos.

The Seagulls have landed

A story for children


Travel Writing

I regularly wrote blogs for a number of websites. This article about Kalkan, Turkey, won a prize from St Christopher's Inns, a travel website.

PH and the Secret of the Missing Equilibrium

An episodic blog creating a short story.

This is the complete version.

Old scripts and films

Back in the 20th century I loved, loved, LOVED the opportunities I had to write, film, vision-mix, edit and even direct some films at the CCE TV studio of Sussex University.

I acted in one or two, as well, but that's best skipped over perhaps!

We met up weekly and made tv programmes or films using the fab equipment available to use.

Most things had to be done on the hoof. Does it show?

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All Videos

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