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Day 4 - when the chain fell off

It was just another ordinary day in the life of an aspiring writer. She got up, a little late, started to do some writing, but had to check the washing and then needed to put out the rubbish, whilst remembering to water the seedlings - oh and get mum up and get her teeth in and give her breakfast, not forgetting the second cup of tea - or was that coffee, and remembering to check the horses to see if they might have won and cursing the bookies for giving false hope and starting the writing again before hearing the doorbell and signing for a redelivered parcel and swallowing her disappointment that it wasn't for her, whilst wondering what it could be and texting her son to tell him of it's arrival, pausing to welcome youngest daughter, who had arrived to fridge-raid, and cleverly suggested the package was a passport -AGAIN! (that must be the third in the last year or two), then returning to her computer discovered it had crashed.

So then she went out on her lovely electric bike and the chain fell off as she pedaled through some traffic lights...

But the evening was better, watching #Aboutaboy (I love #HughGrant) and then straight into an episode of #blackbooks where they try and teach a psychotic ex convict to read in a couple of days, whilst Fran lands

electic bike by the sea
electric bike by the sea

a job, but doesn't know what it is. Did make me laugh!

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