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28 Plays Later

Enjoy the plays that are here - but some will be missing! 
Day 28

Uncle Jack and the Mystery of the Missing Sheep

Day 26

Helen & Troy

Day 27

Maisie's Story

Day 25


Day 20

Zara's Revenge

Day 18

The Seagulls have Landed

Day 19

Romeo and Juliet

Day 17

Xylophones aren't all the same

Day 24
Day 22

Anthony Takes Aim

Day 23

Noah Aroma and the

Amazing Muck Spreader

Day 21

Lost and found in Seville

Day 16

The Tealady

Day 14

Viola's Singalong

Day 15

Yellow Van

Day 13

The Engagement

Day 12

Chinese new year

Day 10

Iena Freezzigigly Noddynoddyzonczonc

Day 11

Hush Little Baby

Day 9

Grace and Earnest

Day 8

My name isn't Kate

Day 6

Helen & Troy

Day 7

Maisie's Story

Day 5


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