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A Sunset Food Tour of Florence

It all started in the Piazza Santo Spirito, the charming, tree-lined square south of the river in Florence, home to cafes, restaurants, markets, statues, a Brunelleschi designed church, Rudolf Levi - an artist killed by the Nazis and Ulysses Temper, star of the novel Still Life, by Sarah Winman. That's not all, but enough to be going on with.

There were eleven of us, including our guide Lorenzo, who led us through the narrow streets of Oltrano to sample some of the tasty specialities of the area, washed down with wine - plenty of it.

First stop, a little bar with some memorable food - and wine!

Bruschetta, mushroom and truffles, cheese with honey and marmalade, local breads

And a few glasses of chianti!

Second stop - the wine window. You don't even have to step foot in the bar! In the past this may have been a way of the seller avoiding tax. Amazing photography here...

Next stop: the bar/ restaurant with a mezanine level. Not sure how you reach it though.

Then on to the main course. Florentine steak, simply cooked and served with a green salad and fries. It was divine.

Finally, on to sample a gelato from one of the finest places in Florence, hidden away in a little square somewhere. Not sure we'll ever find it again!

And then? Well, then we managed to lose the rest of the group as we filled our water bottles in a water fountain that dispensed sparkling water as well as still! We were very sorry not to say goodbye to everyone, but it was a cracking evening and we were left with great memories and well-satisfied taste buds.

So maybe I can track down everywhere we went using my Strava map - the next time I go to Florence, which I hope won't be long.

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