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Day 3 - What Next?

What a curious jumpy sort of day today. I felt I was on the point of leaping from a plane (hopefully with a parachute), but still not sure whether I'd be able to go, where I'd land or what might result. I was all taut, like a spring but there was a frustrating lack of action. People I needed to talk to were unavailable and I had to just sit it out.

Then come 5 o'clock and it all got a little easier. Messages started to arrive and all was on track. I picked up my mum from day care and my daughter from her new flat, together with about 4 bags of washing.

So an evening was spent washing, catching up, drying, eating, more washing, playing dominoes, singing, more drying, drinking and looking to the future. My daughter is embarking on a teaching course and is so enthusiastic. It is infectious. I even thought maybe I should go back to it.... but - maybe not yet. I'll give this writing a little bit longer.

Cliffs and sea at Roedean, Brighton
Cliffs at Roedean, Brighton

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