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Famous British Writers Quiz

You're welcome to use this quiz however you like. You may want to research the answers, or you can use the Survey Monkey form at the end, which gives multiple choice clues to the answers. Either way, Enjoy!

Which famous British writer was born in 1812 and had to take a job in a factory when he was 12, because his father was in prison?

Tragedies, comedies and historical plays, Shakespeare wrote in all these styles. Which comedy that Shakespeare wrote is set in Athens in the summertime?

Shakespeare wrote a tragedy that actors call ‘The Scottish Play’. Which play is it and why don’t actors call it by its name?

What play was written by a broadcaster and playwright born in 1894 in Bradford. The play is about the class system in British society and how unfair it was for the working class.

In which play would you find a bunburyist?

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