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The Baby Trail

An audio extract from the thriller I'm working on. It was written for TV but I'm now writing it as a novel.

Three sisters share a house together. They are aged between fifteen and twenty-three and have been in and out of care since they were small children. Scarlet (23) and Pearl (15) have very recently both had babies, but Pearl's child has been given up for adoption. Pearl has become an adoring second mum to Gemmi, Scarlet's baby, possibly helping her to get over the trauma of the birth and the adoption.

Ruby, the middle child is seventeen and is at college, studying film production. She's concerned about Pearl, who has lost her bounce, since the birth of her baby.

Scarlet and her partner Karl have taken their baby Gemmi out for a walk, but Scarlet returns to the house alone. This is where the extract starts.

The voice is Ai, but I have no idea why it gets softer and louder at odd times.

ElevenLabs_2024-06-13T10_54_38_The Baby Trail

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