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50 days to change a life

green tree in garden against deep blue sky.

My mum, Marj, has lived with us for the last five years. And it's enough. She has dementia and it's too hard for us to deal with now. So I'm looking for care options. In around 50 days I hope that all of us will be living happier, more settled lives.

When my dad died, 5 years ago, the shock was compounded by discovering that my mum had dementia. I knew she had become a bit forgetful, but hadn't realised the true state of her health. The doctor, my husband and my mum all thought it best she moved in with us. I disagreed, but it was a fait accompli. That will sound mean, and I quite agree I am nowhere near as kind and compassionate as my husband, but I had grown up with my mum and knew that living in each other's pockets would not be easy.

My 50 day plan was meant to centre around me! Another diet, another fitness regime, another effort to write more and write better. But already my mum has taken over as the principal thing that controls my life and that I need to change. I started this blog post about an hour ago. Then my husband asked me to go and get my mum dressed. Understandable. He cooked her breakfast, as he does most days, whilst I helped her into her clothes for the day. She can't do it herself any more. Then I came back to the computer and carried on briefly, but the computer decided that it didn't recognise the blog and wiped it. Completely. There was no trace of it anywhere! I had written about my aspirations, but found most of it was about my mum. And so I've just started it again - and it's not all going to be about her.

A couple of years ago I finally retired from my teaching job, which I found pretty hard going. I was lucky to be able to go at 60. I know it's not an option for most people now. But I have always loved making films and writing and decided that now was the time for me to become a screenwriter. So far I've written a fair amount, and made a few people laugh, but no tv series or feature film in sight yet. So, I'm going to write more! Watch this blog...

I have embarked on Michael Mosely's Blood Sugar Diet, again. This is an eight week programme - and it works! In January, I was enormously fat and had been diagnosed as diabetic. The doctors wanted to put me on statins but I'd said no. I didn't really think the very low carb diet would work - I couldn't see me living without bread, pasta, rice etc for months - but it did. I lost loads of weight and didn't feel hungry. Indeed I felt better than I had for years. In June I had blood tests at the doctors and they were completely out of the diabetic (and pre-diabetic) range. I've kept off the carbs still, (generally) and the weight has stayed down, but I want to lose more so I'm back for round 2.

Now I'm off to zumba! Just love it, and hope that will shake off a few pounds whilst making me feel happy on this beautiful end of summer day.

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