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Day 5 - Not Giving Up

This morning I mulled over the future in a despondent sort of way. What jobs could I do that are interesting, will pay the mortgage and let me go on holiday several times a year? The plan had been to write screenplays that film companies would fall over themselves to acquire the rights to. I would divide my days between writing brilliant new scripts and working with #HughGrant , #JulieWalters or maybe #SpikeLee to give them inspiration on how to bring the stories to life. But strangely that hasn't happened.

But, this morning a couple of possibilities have emerged that shine a glimmer of light on my goal of getting a screenplay recognised and maybe even used. It's too early to say more, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and getting back to my writing!

Curtains closed in theatre before performance
Waiting for my film to show

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