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Day 6 Revisiting Podderington St James

It's all very exciting! I'm going to be working with a student who is studying script development at NFTS and she's going to be helping me to develop my screenplay! The Feud of Podderington St James has languished on my computer for a while now - rejected by various competitions and abandoned by me as I set sail on other screenwriting projects.

But my original script is going to be back in action, and I am really looking forward to shaping it into a film script that is clearer, funnier and altogether more likely to be made into a film. Strangely, I had just started to rewrite it as novel, which had already meant changes to the opening scene - which seemed to make it work better. My recent holiday in Devon gave me some inspiration. Fab views over the Exe, with the sailing club close by and snippets of conversations wafting over, (when the wind was in the right direction), has helped me rethink some of the characters and plot.

View over the Exe Estuary at sunset
View over the Exe Estuary at sunset

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