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Losing It

Day 9 of the Scriptly Writing Challenge. Indie films. Seven years ago today (according to social media) I was in Naples on a school trip. We stayed in a hotel that overlooked Vesuvius and the bay of Naples and had an amazing time visiting Herculaneum and discovering Naples a little, before we headed east to Apricena for the rest of a fantastic week with our project partners: Turkish, Spanish and of course Italian students and their teachers.

Sadly, this trip wouldn't be possible today. In seven years we've gone from embracing all things European to becoming a nasty little island that's got its knickers into a right twist about its place in the world. Erasmus and Comenius were gateways for schools such as the one I worked at (a special school), and nobody has come up with a good reason why we have made our future look so bleak.

Oh, but rant over. My screenplay doesn't dwell on anything so dismal.

Losing It
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