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On my bike in Brighton and Hove

Does this look like a scene from a disaster movie?

It's Wednesday 4th November 2020 and if feels as if the world is on the brink of catastrophe. Another Covid lockdown looms in a few hours, Trump and Biden are neck and neck in the polls on the day after the election and Brexit is lurking, waiting to reap havoc and poverty on the people of Great Britain. But forget all that for now, for this is Brighton and here, the sun is shining and I am out on my bike.

Here are 5 great things about cycling on the seafront in Brighton - to be followed by 5 things that need improving.

The Good Stuff


Amazing views and that bracing sea air really make you feel good. This is a view from the cliffs at Roedean, looking towards Brighton marina.


There are plenty of cycle paths to choose from, including a stretch of at least 9 miles from Hove Lagoon to Saltdean, which runs along the sea front. This includes the Undercliff Walk from Brighton Marina to Saltdean.


You can borrow a bike very easily from BTN bikeshare. There are loads of places you can pick them up from - see all the green dots in the map below!


You might prefer to try an electric bike. I think they are a brilliant invention and highly recommend. (I ride one and that's why I'm always out and about!).

I bought mine from Electric Bikes Sussex, at Brighton Marina. You can try them and buy them from here, though they may not be renting them out at the moment. They've provided excellent service to my bike for the last few years.

Here's my lovely bike, having a little rest.


Need refreshments? No problem.

There is no shortage of places to get a drink or something to eat on Brighton & Hove seafront. The Meeting Place cafe gets my vote, because they were very kind to me when I bought an ice-cream only to discover I had no money...

A look at Trip Advisor gives an idea of what is available. Just don't forget to lock your bike up securely if you're leaving it...

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