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Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones #StonesNoFilter at Twickenham
Rolling Stones #StonesNoFilter at Twickenham

Here we are , still able to climb the many steps to our seats to watch the Stones at Twickenham! Growing crowd, average age around 60 I’d guess! Dave wondering if they sell Stone’s ginger wine. I’m knocking back 2 mini bottles of wine from my Stones glass. We’re so cool!

we are enjoying watching the stage being set up. ( who needs music...) There’s a bit of a caste system going on down near the stage with your main arena for ordinary Joe Bloggs who are standing, a vip section in front of that and an extra special VIP bit in front of that, near the stage.

On stage there are half a dozen people setting up stuff and taking lots of pics!


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